lmao people are tweeting out entire movies because the Genius CEO’s microservice purge took out the copyright monitoring service

@senj if DMCA noncompliance is what breaks Muskie's fortune I will laugh so fucking hard 😆

@senj It's really related to the microservice purge? Like someone confirmed that?

If so... LOL

@senj 2 minutes per tweet. You gotta love the commitment to the con.

@senj Of all the movies! What an excellent cheesy choice.

@senj amazing! Soon I will be able to unsubscribe from Netflix 🤣🤣 🤣

@senj I was thinking it might be related to something I'd seen the past few days: one of the new, very low-rent ads was shootin showing up for me as just a copyright strike placeholder.

Perhaps someone tried to turn off that one strike and instead turned off the whole system.

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