@georgespolitzer and these aren't just economic geniuses, these are true Renaissance Men whose knowledge extends to the definition of esoteric words like "ephebophilia"

tories driving the uk directly into a brick wall at speed is, if i'm being honest, very funny

adam levine. did you see this. did you hear about this.

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mushroom kingdom citizens drinking mario's piss to experience the entheogenic properties of the super mushroom

(guy who is a dog clown) but doctor I am Dogliacci

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"They're calling it 'Sandwalking,' and it's increasingly popular with young Fremen..."

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@doot sneaking in a huge box of maltesers. she'd have wanted it that way.

shin godzilla 

@checkervest this movie whips so much ass, I love it

“Splatoon is real,” Joe Biden said in his speech earlier. “Splatsville is real. Big Man is real, and strong, and he's my friend.”

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europeans are so culturally interesting they still have kings and queens like the medieval days. what a primitive and unique/interesting culture. I wonder if we can help educate them. Or if theyre stuck in their medieval ways.

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Favourite knzk memory? Probably the time the knzk gang beat gary's old town tavern at softball

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suicide reference 

@Thomas bed bath and begone

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