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my review of Slow Horses: good, surprisingly few horses of any speed

the only and real lesson of george santos is that Dems aren't even fuckin tryin'

Cuno walks in the club
All eyes on he
With the throwin rocks crew
Gonna dom Harry

I think I'm happy that Young Frankenstein is winning? But I also think Madeline Kahn in blazing saddles is like an immortal performance? idk.

After careful consideration, I've decided to win the lottery.

they should try making a tv show or movie about zombies for a change, that would be really fresh and original

now i am not a doctor or a vagina-haver but this seems very implausible to me?

Bigtime sex-having energy from these dapper computers wearing top hats, gloves, and shoes.

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1974 really had a lot of movies that I know are "good" but don't really care about or want to watch again. would be a totally boring year if Brooks hadn't tore it up.

Shout out to music, got to be one of my favorite things to get melodies from

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