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(cat looking up from newspaper meme) i should rewatch x-files again

excellent actors from The Wire stop dying challenge

writing a complaint on a clay tablet was probably pretty satisfying

what if italians had a day we did stereotypical stuff about. not columbus day, im talking a day where if you don't wear track pants and makea da spaghett you get pinched

sphinx of the black quartz sounds like a Wolfmother album

we really do live in a golden age of me scrolling apps for five hours trying to pick what to watch and paralyzed by choice

sigma this and sigma that. how about you make your bed before I have to sig ma on you

it'd be wild if glass onion turned around and won this thing. won't happen but it'd be wild.

aww you nerds, if women talking had squeaked it out over black panther I'd have a perfect bracket.

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