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Persons attempting to find a motive in these posts will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in them will be banished; persons attempting to find a point in them will be shot.

Sending back my “prime” rib after easily cutting it into two equal parts.

Jedi fallen order 

“I really want you to join me and as incentive I’ve taken off my shirt”

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Imagine being a bootlicker saying unions don't work when these folks got a 30% pay rise and up to 8 grand of back bay after three days of striking.

gentrifying some saltines (putting peanut butter on them)

in retrospect it’s miraculous that Lando Calrissian wasn’t named like, Frendhu Bee’traysu

(me, hearing about something called “deathsticks”) hm. need to google what those do.

(auditioning for the Star Wars IP Stewardship Naming Division) Flibbity Bipp. Chango Mung. Klinga Flooz. Nungus Chulungus.

somehow stumbled upon shrimp farmer LinkedIn and it’s full of posts like this

NEWS EXCLUSIVE: photo of new evidence introduced in Gwenyth Paltrow trial

bro ur radicalizing the hoes. they are becoming the vanguard of the revolution bro

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