A painting in the Rijksmuseum of the crucifixion, featuring a woman selling Jesus merch

(teaching a class at reply guy college) so when you see someone make a joke, what you do is you get in the replies and you either explain the joke back to them, or make the same joke but slightly worse. this establishes instant rapport

(furious scraping as half a dozen identical looking guys all named 'brett' write this down)

if you are going to reply to me with some kind of defence of generative AI, consider instead: fucking a cactus

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AI Enthusiast Dipshits really fucking telling on themselves when they start using "gatekeeping" to mean "having any skill at anything"

me: damn it's wild this was comics code approved [picture of a comic book panel showing superman saying 'i'm tired of being a hero! from now on i will be using my powers solely to eat milf ass']

a helpful european from an instance i've never heard of: uh, i think that's photoshopped :)

Me: So why did you kill those people?

AI Chatbot Anton Chigurh: I deeply regret pursuing Llewelyn Moss across the sun parched American southwest. My killings adhered to an irrationally deterministic lifestyle and I am sorry for them.

Me: Where did you get that denim jacket?

AI Chatbot Anton Chigurh: I'm glad you asked! It was purchased on sale at Gimbels in 1972. Denim is a sturdy cotton twill fabric, typically blue, used for jeans.

the big smile on the wednesday dude frog really takes things to a whole other level

the existence of darth sidious and darth vader implies the existence of darth sufficient

GAMER EASTER EGG: Snorlax is short for “snore and relax”

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