not to brag but new followers, MY posts are 10 𝟮% garbag

I got like 30 follow requests while I was eating dinner but I'm probably gonna only approve half. So for all my new followers, BUCKLE THE FUCK UP because my posts are 101% garbag.

Qoto sounds like the name of an alien in a really bad episode of the original Star Trek, like one where they let hippies sing or some shit

@ancient_catbus @Excuse_haver @oraclecrank @senj @breakfastgolem @killeveryhetero @ColesStreetPothole

realizing i was admiring the posts of fellow horses that i wasnt actually following. anyway lets keep people's notifications fucked tonight: @victor @A_bern @monarobot @aminus @luxuryelite @Eins_Corgi_Butt @disco_socialist @ItsJenNotGabby careful now some of these accounts make cool art

"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause" is a classic holiday tune about a guy getting cucked by the jolly Dutch pervert, Santa Clause

I keep seeing people ask "where are the shitposters on Mastodon?" and friends, this #FF is for you

@Excuse_haver @vegetablegremlin @oraclecrank @senj @breakfastgolem @killeveryhetero @ColesStreetPothole

And drop your favorite accounts in the comments, the more the merrier imo

*Starship knee deep in the hoopla voice* we built this city on showing hole

mining old KNZK posts out of other peoples' boosts like copies of scrolls lost in the burning of the library of alexandria

(instead of doing work today i've just been sitting here clipping and rewiring rj45 clips basically)

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alright I think I might be starting to get the hang of terminating cat 6

diversity of thought? more like diversity of thot

it’s actually kind of impressive the extent to which reply guys have sorted themselves onto entire reply guy instances

it's called alpha mindset 'cause it's broken as shit. i've achieved version 14 patchlevel 77 mindset. rock solid.

hey great reply! have you ever considered signing up for jabroni.suckers

google really replaced their dirt simple and effective spam filters with some dipshitted AI that lets through 5 of these a day huh

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